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Rapid update of information for the cargo tracking information systems.
Online downloads of bill of lading, declarations, billing and other services.
E-mail, SMS messages and other related services, immediately notify the customer the current status of the goods.
Any time, any place, there is no need to install any software, completely Web-based interface.
IT security technical control, no need to worry about the privacy of information or your cargo.
Allow customers to track the current condition and location of their important cargo.
Professional Enterprise Security Technology

All of the information flow are in accordance with BSI international organizations set standards and implement.
IT security are based on ISO / IEC 7799, ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27002 international standard operation.
Security Technology Team acquired exclusive interview by the most authoritative journal from global IT field “Information Security”
We provide not only services, but also provides the industry's only 『peace of mind 』company to our customers.
We invest in IT security technology to ensure 100% protection of customer information.
Enterprise E-commerce

Strengthen the predictive power of customer service.
Enhance operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, management of precise information, to provide excellent logistics support and excellent customer service.
Information Systems can be integrated to output a high value decision-making and information process.
Even the raw materials processes, financial processes, cargo tracking, and customer requirements of information can be available through the same set of information systems platform for exchange of information and data query.
Complete a related business flow, logistics, cash flow and flow of information.
Heterogeneous platform integration

Integration of information systems from different IT platforms, different programming languages, as well as different database.
Any resulting information can be found in the different interfaces and devices used.
Improves the sharing of resources between different information systems.
Integrate and enhance information availability.
Reduce the complexity of information flow.
Build easy-to-use graphical user interface.
IT professionals

Our Team of IT professionals are specially employed from the Industrial Technology Research Institute ( ITRI ) professionals in the Computer and Communications Research Laboratories ( CCL ) field.
A number of our IT technical staff were previously employed by stock market listed semiconductor manufacturers. 
Technical industry, to provide customers with the most rapid and efficient advice to help customers in a short period of time to find a full range of solutions.
Real-time online customer service support

Our Senior industry professional customer service team  provide customers with complete real-time online services.
A single window, multi-purpose service.
At the cost of building a customer service system at the same standard as the banking system to provide customers with the level of related services.
Constant education and training of customer support staffs to effectively raise the quality of service.
Customer support team listens attentively, and provides services.
Real-time monitoring of online video

No matter where customers are located,they  have total control over the goods at any time.
At anytime customers can watch and track the cargo handling status thru the internet.
Permission set password prevent unauthorized person to watch video and tracking status.
There is no need to install any software you can remotely monitor.
Logistics Management Software Design

Our Customized software helps customers to achieve business goals, increases productivity, reduces operating costs and increases our and your competitiveness.
Our Professional consulting team provides customer with full range of consultation.
Our Professional consulting team provides customer with the relevant information for analysis and assessment of advice, introduction, on-line, and all the ad hoc process.
Customers will be updated from time to time with the latest knowledge and information, education and training, and related consulting services.