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Global Logistics Services
The best solution – integration of cargo flow, information flow and finance flow
  Our professional teamwork can provide you with a platform to share your cargo flow, information flow and finance flow hence reducing your costs can and focusing on efficiency being improved as well.
3 P & 4 P Logistics Service Provider
  In line with the increasing potential for 3PL and 4PL, and our expertise in this filed, Dolphin Logistics has the capability to meet the customer’s logistics requirements by designing a good SOP. We will improve your demands of efficiency, cost saving and want to be your  important partner.  We have also been accredited from many of our customers. Our widespread exposures in many successful cases and experiences resulted that Dolphin is more capable of handling complex 4 P logistics projects.. We connect all the resources of Information Technology with our customers to optimize the supply chain management and to create and present them with maximum benefits.
Supply Chain Management

We act with a comprehensive integration of sea, land and air transportation associated with commerce flow, finance flow, information flow and cargo flow.
Sticking to the ideal “ logistics service to make the supply chain management to the optimal condition “
Our capability of rapid reaction to the market changes and strong  cooperation with allied partners ensure the highest service quality to exceed customer’s expectation.
Supplier’s Inventory Management
  Our global network resources and superior logistic managing capability and skills,offer a comprehensive integrated suppliers inventory management. The reduced and optimized inventory stock improve the inventory turnover further to keep your inventory in a best stock condition as well to provide those information to be shared by the supplier and the wholesaler. This way, both can do much better forecasts of supply and demand, plans of procurement, promotion and transportation loading plans and so on.
Bonded warehouse,Non-bonded warehouse,Distribution Center Packing,Subassembly,Repair,Return Merchandise,Land Transportation & Customs Brokerage
  Through partnership, we can provide the warehousing service (bonded or non-bonded) to do order pick and pack, reassembly/ easy repair, packaging material return, examination of shipments and cargo carting etc. With experienced operators also we can provide speed customs clearance and secure purchase insurance and associated with wide range of motorcade to ensure delivery consignment to the receiver’s end in the first instance.
Sea, Road, Rail, Air combined transportation
  Depending on worldwide or regional conditions, we provide our customers with a most effective transportation solution to reduce your cost and further enhancing your competitiveness and efficiency.
Tailor-made Service

Main objective : Exploring what customer’s needs and requirements are!
Forming of dedicated teams where  sales , finance , operations, customer care, IT specialists and senior management work hand in hand!
We Design measurable Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P)
We constantly monitor and review the assignments.
We proactively solve eventual problems.
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Dolphin Logistics has a comprehensive agency network for sea and air consolidation biz in more than 500 points all around the world.
Such as Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Kuanshan, Nanjing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Dubai, Colombo, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe main ports and so on.