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Our Brand
Dolphin Logistics, is the  specialist of global logistics integration! 
Our success is the outcome of your reliance and trust! 
Since the establishment in 1995, we have been growing rapidly in international sea and land transportation business by receiving the credit and confidence from our customers of all walks of life. Facing the wave of business competition, Dolphin has integrated all of our associated companies and service, and anticipated to be customers’ best partner by means of offering sound and professional services.
To demonstrate our determination, Dolphin would like to show you a brand new corporate image. Last but not the least, we aim to grow with our customer, to understand what you need and to provide improved logistic solutions to make our customers keep their competitiveness in the challenging 21st century.
Our Hallmark
Symbol design concept
“Dolphin Logistics” is the base of our trademark. The main concept is to emphasize the power of driving the world. The major framework which appears in a rolling orb accompanied with two curving arrows means leading, running, and moving concepts. The major colors selected are blue and yellow. Blue represents the spirit of stability, depth, and wisdom. Yellow shows our aggressive, geniality and harmonic character. As a whole, our hallmark presents the spirit which is to drive the world and to strive continuously to make new progress.
The elements of our Logo
The 3 elements of our trademark are standard words of Dolphin and Logistics, and a symbolic sign. 
The symbolic sign consists of two arrows which is a metaphor of being speedy & keeping moving forward .
Explanation of the concept of main vision
The vision of the first ray of sunrise from the sea horizon expresses Dolphin Group’s leading position and globalization in the related filed and her power of driving the world..
Our Slogan:
Drive the World with Passion