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Look out below!
We’re at the top of the world!
Hold onto me guys, don’t let me fall!
Back on land, whew!
I can’t hold out any longer! Save me!
Almost there!
What a frisky bunch of people!
Such intense focus you have!
I’m so scared!
Wow, I didn’t even know this position was possible until today.
We did it! Group hug!
Come on,, over here!
Bunch of people pretending to be Peter Pan? Check.
Are you sure I can fit through?!
Told you I could do it, oh yeah!
Look at me, I’m flying!!!
OMG this is so scary!
Truth or dare!
That’s some package you got there…
Wow this position is tiring.
This is the proper way to treat a lady.
Ouch, that hurts! Stop being such a baby!
I’m just so happy I could cry!