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Employee Training
Passionate, Professional and Creative Group

The 21st century is the century of mutual learning. DOLPHIN pays special respect to manpower. To nurture manpower, DOLPHIN aggressively created a mutual learning group, to retain manpower, realize their maximum potential and quality to service our clients.

The diversification of DOLPHIN is to treasure employee’s value and experience sharing. Well-designed step-by-step training courses create a perfect learning environment. Diversified DOLPHIN GROUP trains up professional manpower and creates higher learning core value.
Diversified & Graded Learning Experience:
Dolphin Learning Chain

Internal Training

New Employees Training: New employee are speedily familiarized with company culture & prospect. Classified courses let new employees to establish a deep base & to accumulate professional understanding.
On-Job Training: Through questionnaires and analysis we understand what employees should promote in their professional field, to construct that working is re-learning & accumulate professionalism from experience. We conduct professional field courses to create value of and for the employees.
Team Training Course: This course integrates General Knowledge Course & MBO (Management by Objectives) Course, in accord with our company managing concept, prospect & core value as the basic, to proceed & to cohere group communication, achievements, creativity & stimulation…etc.
Other Courses Training: The course enhances colleague’s competition. We hold regular designated topic lectures & specialized field courses.
Association Courses: This course summons the same interest colleagues to enhance this interest as the goal. Example: Breathing Technique Course…etc.
Dolphin Learning Chain
Professional Knowledge Training: DOLPHIN arranges a series of specialized courses to promote the competitive power and then integrate cargoes, information, finical & service to move towards to the global logistics expert.) This to cope with the trends of our fast changing and developing world.
Practical Training (For exemple:Visiting Container Terminal/Year, Airport, Vessel, Warshouse…etc): Let theory and practice meet on the ground. Regularly held practical training where we also invite clients to join together. Join together; learn together to reach win-win learning chain.
Potential Development Course: Self-exploration & develop potential. Here we develop the own ability and creation infinitely which promotes self & working quality.
Language Education Course: Encourages employees to enhance various aspects of competitive power, DOLPHIN uses the encouragement way to support and promote employees.