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  • 2019 Dolphin Logistics Company Goes Green and Plants Non-Toxic Rice
  • 2019-03-29

At Dolphin Logistics, we pride ourselves on being environmental friendly. Backed by the support of Vice Chairman Kevin Cheng, we hope to give back to the farmer’s community and spread the importance of healthy foods. The harvest after 3 months would be donated to charities as well as provide for certain groups in need. We hope to spread love and care across not only farmers but to any group that requires all of our attention.


Dolphin Logistics enters her twenties. Even after the trials of financial crisis, we stand strong and tall as the grains we planted. The rice grains are perfect metaphors for our strength and continued growth throughout the years. Since 2003, each year Dolphin Logistics are certified as the Top 500 companies in Taiwan by Business Weekly and Commonwealth Magazine, and ranking continues to climb annually. We even received nomination as the Top 10 Forwarder by China Credit Information Services. We have received great praise and awards from China Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and other airlines for our excellent service and sales.


As they say “You are what you eat”, at Dolphin Logistics we are also what we plant! Our resilience, strength, and constant giving back to our community best exemplifies our services to our customers year in and year out.